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Scandinavian Mutual Insurance Company of Axtell is a county mutual insurance company currently doing business in thirty counties in Central and South Central Nebraska. It began as the Swedish Mutual Insurance Company in 1885; the name was changed to Scandinavian Mutual in 1897. What started as a way to provide a lower-cost alternative to the insurance available to farmers in the late 1800s, our objective today remains to provide the best possible protection for the dollar spent. The company, being mutual, is owned by the policyholders. It is governed by a board of twelve to fourteen directors elected by the policyholders. We are currently served by three captive agents and five independent agencies. The company has insurance in force of over $217,000,000.

Since 1885 Scandinavian Mutual Insurance of Axtell has been insuring farm properties, pivots, and homes. We pride ourselves in specializing in Peace of Mind for our customers. Our reputation for fast and fair claim service is second to none! Scandinavian Mutual Insurance Company offers farm and town personal liability coverage through Nebraska Farmers Mutual Reinsurance Association to provide policyholders with complete coverage.

Scandinavian Mutual Insurance
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